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My Picture width Well as you may have gathered, I am a big He-man fan. Of course I have every figure. I collected them as a kid and got rid of them when I moved. I promised myself I would get them back someday. I did just that. A lot of people think I'm crazy for collecting some stupid toy, but I don't think toys are stupid. The picture on the left is my grade 13 picture (it is 3 years old). I still look the same.

One of Our Shows I am 20 years old. I like guitars, computers, hanging out, and music (preferrably punk). Right now I am in college taking Televisoin Broadcasting at a community college. I really hope to someday get a job in that field. I am working on getting a job at City T.V. (a really cool station BTW). If I do well down the road, I would like to be a music video director. But that's a dream.
Us Playing in Basement I used to play in a band called Mr. Bleah. Mr. I played guitar and sang for it. We wrote about 30 or so songs. The band isn't together now. Once we left high school, we all went different ways. I would really like to start up again. Music is so much fun. Here I am in my drummer's basement. Man those days were so much fun.

Us Playing In Basement Again I own three guitars. The guitar I like the best is my Kramer XL VI. They don't make Kramers anymore. I named that guitar "Big Red." It's full of all of my favorite stickers In all of the pictures I am playing Big Red. I have a Citation acoustic (it's a piece of $40 crap), and a Pan Gibson SG imitiation (that one is OK).

Me With Blonde Hair
I may put a cover or two of my music on this page some day. Let me know if any of you people out there would want to hear me. Finally here is a picture of me in grade 12. I had blonde hair for a short while. Thats about all I can think of to say about me. If you want to know more mail me I'll tell you more if you really want to hear.

Here is a list of my favorite bands.
be sure to visit their pages as well.
Screeching Weasel Tilt Green Day