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 Ben's Blast-Atak Page
Hey do you want to win this award?
Of course you do. You can easily win this award by having met all the following criteria: 
  1. A web page that I may like (i.e.. music, He-man, Television, computers, guitar ...etc.)
  2. Contacted me and, convinced me that your page is good enough to win the award.
  3. And finally have me award you the Blast-Atak's Cool site Award.
It's as easy as that...
If you think  you are eligible to get the award  mail me  and send your page address along with a brief description. 
I will e-mail the winner upon winning the award. Included in this e-mail will be all of the html coding and insrtructions.
I am awarding the award on a random timing. I may not award a site for weeks. I will decide on my own.
Good Luck.
P.S. If you do think that you do have a good page, and you don't get picked. Please do not feel bad. I will definately pick you in the near future.
Let's See the past Winners
Site Name
Site Owner
Award Won on
Puerile Kackle  Barenda Inglis May 27th 1999