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Good day. I am Ben Dick, Webmaster of Ben's Blast-Attak page. I am looking for any comments you may have for me regarding my page. Please answer the few following questions. It will be greatly appreciated. Your survey results will be kept confidential and will only be used for the sole purpose of my site.
1. How did you get to my page today?
Search Engine Link on other site address
Found Me Somehow Bookmark Advertising
If other: (please specify)

2. What is your favourite web site?


3. What do you like most about my page? (check all that apply)
Flash Animations Chat Room Actual Content
Stuff For Trade Items Games Pictures
He-man Commercials Smooth Navagtion I Don't like anything about your stupid site
If other: (please specify)

4. How would you improve my page to make it better? (This can be anything)

5. If I was to implement these improvements, you would visit this site times per week

Thank you for your input. Your comments are greatly apreciated and will be used to make my site better.