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apart I don't have much on Blast-Attak at the moment. Here is all I have found.

Blast-Attak is a robot/human thing. He is gold with green gloves. His weapon is this big red axe, that can chop through anything (or at least did when I was playing with him as a kid). He has a bunch of screws, guages and meachanical stuff all over his body. And the best part is, is that he can break into two. Giving him the ability to be in two places at one time, and impress al the girls with his super move.

comic Supposedly Blast-Attak was from another world and was brought to Eternia from the evil gods to help Skeletor defeat He-man. According to issue #7 of Star comics. Blast Attak beat the crap out of King Randor,and Clamp Champ. He also had a way cool attitude like he was a big rebel or something.

And Blast-Attak was a creation of the Snakemen in the mini comic Revenge of the Snakemen. He also strangely said "tick" in-between every word he said. Too bad he wasn't as cool as he was in the star comic.

apart Good old Blasty was never put on the He-man Cartoon *sob*. There wasn't much on him at all. I did like his red axe he had, and the fact that he blasted into two!! How many of your friends could do that?

If anyone has any more info on Blast-Attak, please send it my way. I would love to hear more on him.

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