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These people are only people I have dealt with. Please don't ask to be put on this list unless we have made a deal. The deals I made with them went through smoothly, and I reccomend them totally. I hope I never have to make a bad trade list. If anyone's name shows up here and for some strange reason they don't want it posted let me know. I don't want to offend anyone.

Rua49er #1 on my trader list. The best of the best
metlar@juno.comsecond best, but not far away.
Matt Thomas a good trader all the way from England.
Adama good trader to get copies of videos
Heather Someone I dealt with from ebay. A good trader for He-men
David Turgeon Tom's good friend. He has sold a MIB Eternia BTW.
Dan Timmer A good fellow looking for Transformers stuff.
The ToyWeb His page has some neat He-men stuff.
Malond A good She-ra Buyer.
Steve My first trader off my Blast-Attak page.
Justin One Great Trader. A very good artist as well. I will be posting his art. So look out!
Andrew he trades for any 80's toys.
Sophie One good girl from Quebec, Canada!
AndyAnother fine He-man trader.
Starwars Dan As you can see, He colects Star Wars stuff.
Matthew Ratzlof Once again a good He-man trader. Thanks Matt!
Kathy Yingst I bought a He-man cake Pan from her for only 4 bucks!!
DB toys This guy sold me an Eternia (mostly complete) for only 50 bucks!!! E-mail him and ask for a catalogue.
Bud Klass He bought some stuff off my webpage, and came through with the deal fine.
Peter Rizzi He traded an Orko costume for a bucnh of figures. Thanks.
John A great trader from Gremany.
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