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Here are the videos I have right now. I can make copies of them for you. I will have to get something out of it (I don't want to tape a whole bunch of videos for free).

If you have a video that is not on my list please let me know. I will ethier buy it from you or trade some stuff for it.
Here are the videos
Volume I
Episodes: The Dragon Invasion & Curse of the Spellstone
Volume II
Episodes: Like Father Like Daughter & The Time Corridor
Volume III
Episodes: Creatures from the Tar Swamp & The She-Deamon of Phantos
Volume V
Episodes: The Song of Celice & Dawn of the Dragoon
Volume VII
Episodes: Prince Adam No More & The Taking of Castle Grayskull
Volume VIII
Episodes: Daimar the Deamon & Dragon's Gift
Volume XI
Episodes: The House of Shokoti Parts I & II
Single Video
Episode: Island of Fear

Masters of the Universe Live Action Movie
Secret of the Sword

New Adventures Cartoon:
Special Edition Video
Contains the first episode on this tape.

Golden Book Videos:
Four Story Video
Stories: The Caverns of Fear, In the Land of the Shaddows, The Sword of Knowledge, & The Eye of the Storm.
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