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These are the things I need to complete my He-man collection. If you have any of these things please let me know.
I need em bad. Here is the list:

Figure Weapons.
I would probably trade one figure for each weapon.

Dragon Blaster Skeletor-Green Clips
Flying Fists He-man-red Clip
Scare Glow-Green scythe
Saurod-black pistol
Twistiod-orange sickle
Dragstor-grey rip cord
I would probably trade 2-3 figures for each Meteorb.

Comet cat

I don't know what I would trade for each accessory (probably lots).

Tower Tools
Scuba Attak

Vehicle Weapons.
I would probably trade two figures for each weapon.

Bionatops-Silver Cannons & one horn
Turbodactyl-Jet accessories

Playsets & Playset Weapons.
I would definately trade a lot for this stuff (especialy for Eternia Parts).

Castle Greyskull-cardboard inserts & small pistol
Eternia-- Drawbridge , Sky Cage, , Sky Cage Arm , Battle Tram Gun , Flag Clips , Laser Blaster Windshield (pus some other small pieces, like weapons and stuff).

Mini Comics
I would give five figures for this one mini comic!!!!!

Ultimate Battle Ground.

I also collect non action figure He-man stuff.
Click Here to see some of the non action figure stuff I am looking for.
Like Tooth Bushes, Coloring books, etc... (you know what I mean). Click Here to see a puzzle that I need. Do you have it?

I have also started to collect original cartoon tapes.
Click Here to see which videos I need.
If you have a tape or two for trade let me know.

So if you have any of the stuff I need, take a look at my Trade Page.
Or e-mail me.
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